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One million people make less than $10 an hour in Ontario. Our communities are changing. Not just the faces or languages spoken, but the opportunities are different than before. We are tired of being told that this is a just-in-time economy and a disposable society. We want those in power to value who we are and what we do.
Spoken word artist SPIN got a standing ovation for this rap poem at a packed City Hall meeting on good jobs. Click here and you can hear his MP3 version

You can still support a $10 Minimum Wage by sending a message to Queen's Park now. To send a message to the Premier and your MPP click here

Community endorsements include: ACORN, African Canadian Social Development Council, Campaign 2000, Community Social Planning Council, Dejinta Beesha, Horn of Africa, LAMP, Learning Enrichment Foundation, MicroSkills, Rexdale Women’s Centre, Scarborough Civic Action Network, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Workers’ Action Centre